UW ChemE Advising - Benson Hall Appointments

This page is for In-person appointments, held in Benson Hall. For Zoom and phone appointments, please visit https://chemeadvvirtual.youcanbook.me/.

Please select the appointment type to schedule an appointment.

ChemE 310 Resume & Cover Letter Assignment

ChemE 310 students who wish to receive credit for reviewing your resume and cover letter with an adviser. Please email the cover letter and resume at least a few hours in advance of the meeting, along with the job description you used when crafting it.

Duration: 30 minutes

Quick Questions

Prospective Students including transfer, ENGRUD, and pre-major students needing clarification on one or two quick things

Current ChemE Students add codes, registration, major/minor change forms and more!

Graduating Seniors - use this appointment to do a graduation application, no need to prepare, just book 10 minutes and we will fill out the application together.

Duration: 10 minutes

20 min appointment

Prospective students with lots of questions about transferring or applying, review of academic plans or application essays.

Current ChemE students with longer questions or concerns requiring a more full conversation, including long-term planning, and personal concerns.

Duration: 20 minutes

30 min appointment

If we’ve asked you to book 30 minutes, or if you know you have a very complicated personal matter or multiple longer questions, please book 30 minutes.

Duration: 30 minutes

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