UW ChemE Students

Quick Questions or Add Codes

add codes, registration, major/minor change forms and more!

Graduation Application

There's no need to prepare, just book 10 minutes and we will fill out the paperwork together.

General Advising

If it's longer than a quick question, and doesn't fit into the other categories, choose this one. Includes academic difficulties, personal issues or concerns, adjusting plans, etc.

4 Year Academic Plans

Please use the *https://www.cheme.washington.edu/undergraduate_students/planofstudy* page and create a draft 4 year plan on MyPlan **before** booking this appointment, so we can review and revise that plan and give you the most time for individual advising.

Resume & Cover Letter Review

Please email the cover letter and resume at least a few hours in advance of the meeting, along with the job description you used when crafting it.
Transfer, ENGRUD, & other students

Quick Questions

Clarification on one or two quick things

Admissions Planning

In-depth questions about transferring or applying, review of academic plans or application essays.